The passion for technology and love for the elderly
unites our dedicated team.

We are convinced that every generation
should profit from
the benefits of
technological progress.


Everything started in Luise’s parlour

Just like so many young people, our company founder Paul Lunow is his family’s own personal system administrator; particularly for his great-aunty Luise. However, no matter how hard he tried, Luise could not cope with gaining access to the internet. She found the constantly changing user prompts far too challenging. There are approx. 13 million people in Germany in a similar situation. They feel left behind by technological progress.

From idea to product

Paul met Florian Schindler through a technology fund in 2012. Three years later, they both founded the Nepos GmbH. Their vision: a future, in which everyone can participate. Out of the strong belief that older people are really not too slow for the digital world, but rather that existing user interfaces and technology are simply not sufficiently optimised for them, the first universal interface was born.

The peoplebehindthe technology

Paul Lunow

Founder and CTO

Florian Schindler


Alexandra Böhmer


Giuseppe Vitucci

UX/ UI and Communication Design

Karina Nasaeva

Content and Communication

Sven Zschoch

Customer Service and Support

Dilusha Gonagala

Full Stack Development

Jaquelina Giuliani

Software Development

Nikita Belokopytov

Product and Engineering

Juliana Dmytryshyna

Communication Design

Maurice Vernier

Business Analysis

Jan Wischniewsky

Social Media

Wolfgang Stark


Sophia Balasch


Keike Twisselmann

Customer Support

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