Demographic changes are the major global trend of our times.

0,7 billion
over 65s
2,5 billion
over 65s

People worldwide 65+

Whilst our life shifts towards the digital world, a whole generation is being excluded.


In Germany alone,
13 million people cannot keep up with technological progress.

Digital outcasts

The reasons for not using the internet are as multifaceted and as diverse as the people themselves: a lack of interest and the complexity of the digital world are currently the most common obstacles for these so-called off-liners.


off-liner find the internet too complicated


off-liner do not see any personal benefit in using the internet


off-liner find using the internet too challenging

Limited use

Until now, over 65s who own a device or an internet connection only use a fraction of it’s digital potential.


use social media


use WhatsApp


use online payment


use on-demand services

A reliable brand for every 65+ generation

It is in the nature of mankind to be overwhelmed by the technological progress of subsequent generations. Even the generation which grew up with the current technology will have difficulties to keep up with the rapid speed of future developments. The need for products transcribed and adapted to suit the relevant older generation in the future will therefore always be present.

We are building a gateway into a shared digital future.

A fast-paced technological development and an increasingly higher average age bracket in our society creates many unpredictable factors for all generations.

Our solution: the Universal Interface

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