How did you get the idea to found Nepos?

Just like so many young people, our company’s founder Paul Lunow is his family’s own personal system administrator; particularly for his great-aunty Luise. Soon Paul realised: She is not alone. There are approx. 13 million people in Germany who are in a similar situation. They feel left behind by technological progress. The complexity of the digital world is currently the most common obstacle for these so-called off-liners. The majority of them is 65 years or older. Paul started developing his first app to make it easier for his great-aunt to use her tablet. 

Florian Schindler was Managing Director of the marketing agency BBDO for many years and set up his own technology fund in 2012. Through this fund, Paul and Florian got to know each other. Florian is convinced: There has been a lack of brands that combine technology and the older age in an innovative and new way, so that even the young generation is enthusiastic about it. Together they founded the Nepos GmbH in 2015. Their vision: a future in which everyone can participate.

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