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Is your target group going extinct?

It is in the nature of mankind, to be overwhelmed by the technological progress of subsequent generations. The reason for this is a decrease of fluid intelligence in old age. Fluid intelligence enables people to memorize information for a short time, which is an essential part of learning. It reaches its peak in mid-20s, followed by a slow but steady downward trend. It gets harder for us to learn new things. With the decrease of the fluid intelligence, humans increasingly refer to the experiential knowledge which they have accumulated in the course of their lives - this is called crystalline intelligence. If everything changes constantly and moves too fast, the feeling of overload inevitably occurs. As a result, the many new things that emerge are quickly declared to be irrelevant. Even the generation that has grown up with today's technology will have difficulties keeping up with the rapid pace of the latest innovations. If the future 20 year olds communicate via nano-robots, the generation used to tablets and smartphones will face the same challenges as our elders today. This means there will always be a need for adapted products for the 65+ generation.

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